Take the apples. I’m begging you!

I thought I would be neighbourly and share the apples from our tree (MBE is on its way). As you know my close neighbours have already declined, so we put a crate of apples in the lane outside of our house telling passers-by to help themselves. Amelie and I made a pretty sign (begging letter) and hoped for the best. If I was honest what I would have written on the sign is: ‘For the love of God, please take the apples! I can’t bake any more crumble. I’m OVER crumble and any other form of apple pastry dessert. I will pay you to take them!’ It took both Saturday and Sunday to clear the crate, but we did it except for three. I can handle three apples. Three apples means one more crumble. Job’s a good ‘un.