Going for gold

Picking blackberries in the lane started off as a bit of a novelty. We live in the countryside, which means it’s the law to partake in these cute little seasonal activities. Amelie absolutely loves blackberry picking. So much so that we have blitzed the hedgerow down our lane. I defy anyone to find one more blackberry outside of our house!

Admittedly they have come in handy for sprucing up the MANY apple crumbles I’ve been baking which I’m truly thankful for.

However, this cute activity has now turned into something much more serious.
Every time we go for a walk we are on the lookout for blackberries. We scour each hedgerow, stomp through prickly brambles; tear our skin on thorns and brace ourselves for nettle stings just to reach the shiny, fat juicy blackberries right at the top (which all sensible people have left well alone). We pick blackberries like it’s an Olympic sport.

Today for example we went for a quick walk after lunch across the fields in the autumn sunshine. Not long into our stroll did we start to see blackberries. We quickly look at each other, nod knowingly and then swarm around the blackberry bush, all of us looking for the fat juicy ones. We each grab a few and then stand looking in dismay, as we have nothing to put them in (rookie mistake). It’s coming to the end of the season for blackberries so they are a little squishy so we need to handle them with care. blackberries-in-hood

Then we have a flash of brilliance – we can stash them in the hood of Amelie’s coat. Yes!!! (You’d have thought we’d just won the lottery). Come on Team GB-P (Great Blackberry Pickers), let’s go for gold!