Mr G thinks the workshop is his (hahaha)

We have a large workshop, which Mr G seems to think is his ‘man space’. OK, so he has all of the gardening stuff in there; tools, work bench blah, blah but surely he can spare a little space pour moi? (Just throwing a bit of French in there). Below are two very good reasons why the big meanie should share.

  1. Some lovely people rescue cats and dogs, which have been badly treated or don’t have a home, and I’d do the same if I weren’t allergic to them. So as an alternative, I do the same thing with old wooden furniture, especially pine. (I’ve just had a flash of me in a Super hero outfit, saving defenceless pieces of over-varnished furniture).

    I have a hate-hate relationship with pine furniture, especially that really orange, shiny pine that has been varnished within an inch of its life! Any old wooden furniture we have had knocking around at home for some years I take into the workshop and lovingly give it some TLC. The big reveal is similar to when the contestants step out on stage as their pop idol in Stars in their eyes. I even have dry-ice for when I open the workshop doors. (Kidding).

    If I’m walking around an antiques fair or bric-a-brac shop and a sad-looking piece of furniture shouts “take me with you”, I just can’t resist and I bring it home to give it a make-over.

    Sometimes you have a piece of furniture that you love but is now dated and doesn’t fit with your updated décor, or it’s something that has been in the family for years and you’d feel guilty throwing it away (as your Nan would go mental), then this is where I come in with my trusted paint brush and fabulous Annie Sloane chalk paints.

    I painstakingly paint each bit of furniture by hand, then distress it slightly (shout at it) so you can see the original wood and then wax it for a nice smooth finish.

    I have a special outfit for when I’m painting furniture. No it’s not THAT sort of outfit (much to Mr G’s disappointment). It’s my trusted pair of blue dungarees which my Granddad gave me many years ago when I was at art school getting all messy. They are men’s dungarees – one size fits all, and I mean ALL! They are huge! A few years ago I used to wear them over a little vest top and shorts (trying to look cute and sexy whilst doing DIY for some odd reason), but nowadays they easily go over the top of my jeans and jumper. Once I’m in those I’m ready to go. Here are photo’s of one of my successful rescue stories:




2.The other thing I need space for in the workshop is for my table football game. To be clear, I have never been competitive in my life. Just ask my frustrated PE teachers from school – all those many moons ago! However, when it comes to playing table football I suddenly turn into the most competitive woman on the planet! Even if I’m playing against my daughter Amelie (who is seven) I don’t let her win (bad Mummy).

I once took on all of the men in my department at work when playing table football one evening, at a hotel when we were at a department off-site meeting. You know those meetings where you go away to a hotel for two days to “bond”. Where the days have to start much earlier than usual just to sit through hours and hours of mind numbing PowerPoint presentations. Zzzz…

You drink gallons of the nasty complimentary coffee and scoff the biscuits for an instant sugar hit just to stay awake. You feel envious of the hotel staff who pop in to refill the coffee pots because they get to leave again after five minutes. You have to physically stop yourself from crawling onto the lower level of the tea trolley as a means of escape when they push it back outside the room.

The only reason you stick it out is the promise of a free bar in the evening. And THIS is when we found the games room and the table football! I played like a, er… whatever the word is for someone who is good at table football. One after the other the men would take me on and they all failed. Ha! Yes you may be a senior manager with a salary bigger than my telephone number but who cares about that when I’m the champion of tiny plastic men on sticks.

So as you can see I have at least two very legitimate reasons why I should have some of the space in the workshop. Now, where is that beach towel