Ladybird invasion!

It’s funny how you can go from liking something when there is just one of them to being totally freaked out when there are many! (Apart from chocolates, cakes, glasses of wine). I’ve just popped across to the house (from MY office) to find Mr G surrounded by lots (and I mean lots) of ladybirds in Amelie’s bedroom window. He was kindly hanging up a new Halloween costume for Amelie when he spotted them all. Her window (like ours) is open slightly to let some air in. So remembering this I dash to our room to find the same thing. Loads of them in the window, on the wall and on the curtains. Ew!

ladybirds_1.jpgWe try to catch as many as possible to throw them outside, to then see that the house is covered in them. It’s really freaky!

Only yesterday I read in the news about a dog owner finding lots of ladybirds in her dog’s mouth which I have to be honest made me feel a little ill. I won’t include a link to it as it’s not a nice photo. You can search for it if you want to have a nosey.

And there are lots of different types, the usual red with neat black spots, some black ones with large red spots and orange ones. They would be really pretty if there weren’t so many of them!



Seriously, the countryside should come with some sort of warning about the strange wildlife. Estate agents who deal with country properties should provide a pack to poor unsuspecting buyers to detail things like frogs in toilets, mahoosive (there’s that made-up word again) spiders and a ladybird flash dance! I did not sign up for this. Can we not just have sheep and cows in fields like a ‘normal’ countryside???