We woke up on Monday morning to the sound of someone crunching across our gravel drive and a shaking sound. After listening for a while and not really wanting to get out of bed, as for once my little one had decided to have a lie in (this is as rare as hens teeth!) I peeked through the window. Our lovely neighbour from down the lane was on our drive kitted out in her wellies and shaking a box of something.


Gills hens_SqAt first I thought perhaps it was some sort of unique bank holiday ritual, but then I saw one of her hens on the other side of our drive. Ahhh, the the penny dropped. They must have been inspired by the film ‘Chicken Run’ and hatched their escape. (Apologies for the hen-themed references!) At first I thought I should get dressed and go and help her, but by now Mr G had hooked up to our security cameras and was watching it all play out on his phone. So instead of going to help we sat in bed watching the chase commence around our cars, across the drive and in the hedges. It was the best reality telly I’ve seen in ages. So sorry, lovely neighbour but thank you for the entertainment!


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