Big bad wolf

I was outside saying goodnight to Muffin (our pet bunny) and closing his hutch up for the night. Basically putting him to bed and making sure he was nice and cosy. As I was chatting to him (he’s a good listener) I heard a loud rustling. At first I thought it was Muffin until it dawned on me he wasn’t moving. I then realised the loud rustling sound was coming from behind his hutch in the space between the hutch and the fence.

I feel I need to set the scene so you can fully understand my nervousness. It’s pitch black here at night as there isn’t any light pollution. It is also very quiet, eerily so sometimes (I’m sure I’ll get used to it), so the rustling seemed very loud. I assumed (imagination running a tad wild at this point) that it was some sort of huge (possibly killer) animal out to get me. I was a good mummy and made sure Muffin was OK and locked up before legging it back inside to shout Mr G to come and ‘sort out’ the wild animal that was prowling around outside.

He could hear the tremor and urgency in my voice and came running, grabbed the torch and gingerly looked round the back of the hutch. Then, something happened that totally stunned me – he laughed!!! I couldn’t believe he was laughing when faced with the wild (and deadly) animal. He bent down and when he stood up he had something in his hand. A toad. He was scrambling about on the gravel which in the silence and the pitch-black of night seemed much more sinister. It did!


After Mr G had eventually stopped laughing (at me) Mr Toad was set free in the garden so he could go off and terrorise other poor unsuspecting country folk. I went inside and had a glass of wine to steady my nerves.