I didn’t realise how much ‘fun’ there was to be had with posting and receiving letters and parcels here in the Suffolk countryside.

It all started just before last Christmas. As we were new to the area we wanted to share Christmas wishes to our neighbours by sending them a Christmas card. So one December evening Amelie and I went off down the lane with our stack of cards feeling both Christmassy and neighbourly.

What I didn’t anticipate was to have to play ‘hunt the letterbox’. Amelie and I stood outside most of the houses in much confusion, as we couldn’t see a post box or indeed a letterbox. We would scour the front gate area for a post box and when we couldn’t find one we would walk up the drive and through gardens to the front door to find that there wasn’t a letterbox either. Hmmm…

We scoured one particular house in great detail, to the point where we must have looked as if we were casing the joint! We stood totally bewildered, wondering how on earth the occupants of this house received their post. So we walked back home feeling very deflated as we’d only managed to post two of our Christmas cards.

Amelie and I even went back the next day in the daylight and we still couldn’t find any more post boxes. How do these people receive their post? Is there a secret system I don’t yet know about?

Anyway, I’d forgotten all about it until last weekend when I’d volunteered to do a leaflet drop down my lane and the next road to advertise a school event. So off Amelie and I went with our leaflets only to be stumped yet again by the seemingly lack of places to post letters. I lost count of how many houses we went to and stood in their garden or on their driveway trying to spot the post box. And when we walked up to the front door there wasn’t a letterbox either. However on the odd occurrence when there was a letterbox (after doing a little celebratory dance) I’d pop the leaflet through, but some letterboxes were so heavy I almost lost my fingers! (We have a lovely cheery postie and now I have even more respect for him for the task he has on a daily basis to hunt out the post boxes and risk his fingers in the ridiculously heavy letterboxes).

When we came to the house, which we scoured many times at Christmas, we made it our mission to find where this house accepted post. At last after many minutes walking around we spotted a letterbox type shape cut out in the wall of the house. It’s literally just a flap in the wall of the house. No frame around it or ‘Letters’ printed on the flap. But it was letterbox shaped and it was the closest thing this house has to a post box so I went with it. I grabbed the leaflet and shoved it in this random hole in the side of their house. I’ve no idea where this hole goes or if the leaflet will ever see the light of day again, but I felt a small sense of achievement. It could be in years to come when the house is undergoing renovations that a leaflet from 2017 advertising a ‘Ladies Night’ at the local school may be found. By this time it will look like parchment and the ink will have faded and the finders will chuckle at the quaintness of how in the ‘old days’ we used to advertise on paper instead of by some sort of digital noticeboard that everyone now has in their homes. Oh those were the days…

Receiving post is just as fun as trying to send it. As it’s a bit of a trek to the nearest shops (I mean proper shops, not a village store) we do a lot of our shopping online. We must receive parcels and post from every delivery service going and they all have their own unique way to deliver parcels to us. We have three doors, which they can potentially deliver to and each delivery service uses a different one. So it’s always a guessing game as to which door they will come to.

I stand in the middle of the house trying to second-guess which door they will go to so I can get there in time before they decide to try a different door. There are times when I’m literally running around the house with a bunch of keys trying to keep up with the delivery person who is running around the outside of my house. It’s ridiculous! But on the upside I increase my daily step count. Do ‘steps’ count if they are steps to the fridge for cake..?


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