…with excitement, as I’ve just opened my online shop on Etsy! Those of you who have been dutifully following my blog, will know I’ve been busy working in my lovely new office, often battling the freezing cold temperatures in the morning and then sweating in the afternoons.

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I’ve concentrated on products specifically for saying ‘I love you’. And in these times we all need a little lovin’.

cd100188-24-08_6920There is a large range of cards available including cute, funny and elegant designs. I’ve also designed a number of prints, which can be personalised, to create that extra special gift and perhaps earn you some brownie points from your ‘better’ half!

I’ve had to fully embrace social media in the past couple of days, which has had me totally out of my comfort zone. Can you be a private and shy person and still conquer social media? I hope so!!! I’ll be honest with you – this is a huge learning curve for me, which is both daunting and exciting.

So you can now hear updates from me here:

Website: Cosyroomdesigns.com
Twitter: @cosyroomdesigns
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CosyRoomDesigns

I’ll also share new product photographs and all things related to Cosy Room Designs on Pinterest very soon!

cd100154-24-02_6129Please have a browse and as I’ve mentioned, this is a learning curve, so if you have any suggestions or pointers I’m all ears!

Thank you x


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