Well this week Mr G may as well have stood at the doors of the workshop and banged his fists on his chest shouting the Tarzan call. He has well and truly stated his claim over the workshop as he has gone and built us a dining table in there.

Oh don’t get me wrong, he didn’t do it all by himself – I kindly provided art direction (much needed with table building) and a rough idea of the design. Yes, he may have done the technical drawing, and the sawing and stuff, but the actual idea came from moi. AND I added the white wash and waxed it – basically all of the very important bits.

But I guess Mr G did technically ‘build it’. The legs and the frame are made from chunky planks of wood and we went to a reclamation yard recently (where I could have spent a small fortune on all kinds of goodies) and purchased some lovely old wide floorboards to be used as the table top. If the wood wasn’t going to be used as a dining table (where hygiene comes into play) I’d have left them as they were and not sanded them as the detail was amazing.

dining-tableWe’re really pleased with the result. And Mr G is extremely pleased with himself as he struts around the workshop clearly very proud of his newly claimed man cave. So it seems we have both now defined our areas – mine being the office (where ‘proper work’ is carried out) and Mr G has now claimed the workshop where he can play around with bits of wood.

So I’m wondering if Mr G will eventually stop strutting to make use of his workshop and build a matching bench to go with the dining table..?


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