Oi! Mickey! Get yer own chocolates!

In an earlier post I mentioned that I’d already bought the large round tubs of Christmas chocolates and have stored them in the loft to stop me from scoffing them before Christmas. Well, this weekend it all went horribly wrong.

The loft is actually a large space under the eaves of part of the house and is much more accessible than the ‘proper’ loft. Having no willpower when it comes to chocolate, I had stored the tubs at the back, behind several suitcases, boxes of shoes (I have a silly amount for a creature that only has two feet), Christmas decorations and boxes of ‘stuff’.

On Sunday morning Mr G decided to do some sort of DIY thing in there and had moved some of the boxes, which were barricading in the tubs of chocolates. Amelie and I were in her bedroom, busy making a rocket (this wasn’t actually on my weekend to-do list) when Mr G shouts: “We have a mouse”.

I climb into the storage space (it would make a brilliant den if we didn’t have so much stuff) and see lots of specs of purple plastic all around the tubs of chocolates. The mouse had chewed all around the lid trying to get into MY Christmas chocolates! Cheeky, little mouse! (I’m being polite here; this isn’t what I actually said).tub of chocs.jpg

Thankfully we were able to save the chocolates, as he hadn’t actually gotten into them (Huge sigh of relief from me). But a little part of me would actually love to see Mickey on a massive sugar rush.

But this presents me with a problem. The chocolates are now being stored in the larder. This is in the kitchen. There aren’t any suitcases and boxes to stop me from seeing them every single time I go in there. I am seriously panicking about this! Where am I going to get the willpower to stop me from munching the chocolates before Christmas??? But when is the official start to Christmas? Is it the first of December? Is it when the shops start to put Christmas stock on their shelves at the end of August? If this is the case then we are well and truly in the full swing of Christmas time! So “Merry Christmas everyone” – let the chocolate munching commence!


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