When we moved to live in the countryside I expected some wildlife – owls, foxes, cows and sheep in the neighbouring fields, and people horse riding down the lane. All of which is very lovely. What I didn’t expect; was to find I was sharing my morning bathroom routine with a certain little fella (no, I hadn’t smuggled a small man into my bathroom). After going to the loo (just a wee you’ll be glad to know), I turned around to flush and what is sat in the loo staring up at me – a frog!

Thankfully I can handle frogs (if it had been a spider I’d have been in therapy by now), but froggie was quite cute. I stood looking at him and he sat looking at me, and to be honest I’m not sure who was more shocked – froggie or me. Now although I said I’m OK with frogs, I did have to shout Mr G to come and get it for me, and release him back to the wild. Baby steps, I can’t be expected to be ‘at one’ with nature in just two weeks!


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